Sunday, August 23, 2009

Calyces Ripped My Flesh & Eyeball-Busting Humidity

Transition time here at the urban garden. Salad boxes have been put back into service with surrey arugula, broccoli raab novantina and a "kitchen sink" micro-green mix. In the EarthBoxes, the fungus-challenged squashes and tomato, as well as all the tiring bush bean plants have all been pulled and in their places went sowings of waltham and calabrese broccoli, snowball cauliflower, rat's tail radish, noble spinach, wakefield cabbage...all of which are seeking sun through their mulch covers already. Picked up some more Etruria basil plants and anise hyssop from Silver Heights Farm.

Still enjoying regular harvests of lacinato kale, swiss chard, collards, basil, rosa bianca eggplants and jalapenos. All things considered it's been a successful season here so far. It hasn't been without its challenges, but we've managed to eke out some good harvests from six EarthBoxes and three salad boxes; next year I plan to keep a record of our yields.