Tuesday, April 6, 2010


When forsythia bloom in NYC it's a sure sign that spring has arrived...or at least spring weather has arrived. Just returned from a short vacation and glad to see our forsythia has held onto its flowers while we were away. The pussywillow has shed its catkins (picture below is a couple weeks old) and is now "leafing" out. The abundant buds on our blueberry bushes turned out not to be leaf buds, but all flower buds, so we're excited about the prospect of a fruit harvest this year; now it's a watching and waiting to beat the grackles to the ripe fruit.

My wonderful mother kept my pepper, strawberry, basil and tomato seedlings alive while we were away, but they are long overdue for a transplant to bottle SIPs. Pictures to come.

If I ever get caught up with work after vacation, I'll put lettuce, parsley, cilantro, calendula and more chives in containers...soon squash and bush beans will go in as well. Already in EarthBoxes are french breakfast radishes (up) and sugar snaps/snow peas (went in a number of weeks ago, a possible fail).

Finally, I'm gambling on April 15 being the last expected frost date for NYC, so a whole host of other seeds will go in around then. Stay tuned.