Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Season!

This season kind of snuck up on me - and seeing leaf buds on our blueberries really drilled that home. Busy with other things, this year I did not get around to starting seedlings indoors, so I will be relying on Silver Heights Farm (SHF) for seedlings, and direct sow other things. This is what I have in mind for this year:

  • lettuces / greens (direct)
  • radishes (direct)
  • bush beans (direct)
  • beets (direct)
  • tomatoes (SHF)
  • summer squash (direct)
  • peppers (SHF)
  • basil (SHF)
I've had good luck with all of the above in previous years so I'm keeping things simple...maybe try a few different varieties of tomatoes and peppers. Any suggestions from my fellow roof/balcony gardeners?

PS - I have MANY seeds that I likely won't use, really just about everything and anything you may wish to grow. If you're still in the market for seeds this year, comment this post and let me know what you're interested in and I'll post back what I have. I have a bunch from Pinetree and some from Hudson Valley Seed Library, Baker's Creek, Johnny's and a few others.