Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Powdery mildew has invaded the tondo scuro and costata romanesco squash plants on the roof and the dragon langerie beans are slowing down, so I'm starting to think of what to replace them with. We've had success with basil this year so I may get six plants in one of the boxes to extend the harvest into fall and start some cooler weather greens in the other.

Tomatoes are doing well - since putting some pickling lime in and ensuring the mix stays wet, it seems the new fruits have escaped BER. I've started a BER graveyard to remind me to stay vigilant. Bucolic Bushwick did point out some troubles of competition amongst tomato plants, which is interesting since I think that's why the robeson and money maker are so challenged (they went in after plants that were put in alongside my existing prince and zebra went the way of compost). When watering this morning I did notice some leaves on the zebra getting the "purple-spot wilties," so we'll see how much longer the good harvest lasts.


William said...

I pulled my zucchini out this week; infested with spider mites. Also both the pole and bush beans haven't been productive after the first harvest. I wonder if the 90+ temperature has something to do with it. Just sowed more bush beans this week and planning on sowing spinach in Sept. The tomatoes have been picking back up last week with a couple of days of sub 90 temperatures. Was able to harvest some brandywine and cherries.

meemsnyc said...

We have BER on our tomato plants. Its so annoying!

Chris said...

William - I've seen spider mites around the EBs but they seem to simply go away after a while...maybe it's just luck. Seems to have been a lackluster season for most given that long spell of heat and humidity. I also believe that planting timing, absent crazy variations in weather, is especially critical for gardening in "urban" spaces such as balconies and rooftops.

meemsnyc - Lost a TON of fruit to BER. Before storing the EBs, I may water them through with a pickling lime solution. I may have not helped the issue by replacing some tomato plants with new ones that had to compete with the more mature ones in the same boxes. I may also limit planting to one plant for some of the huge indeterminate varieties (I liked black prince this year). And, just like Bucolic Bushwick, I am probably going to go determinate in one of the boxes next year...the indeterminates get way too unruly for a balcony.