Thursday, June 25, 2009

EB harvest

Lacinato kale, rainbow chard, watermelon radishes. The radishes weren't really ready but things were getting crowded in that box, with the radishes, black val beans and danvers carrots. Next year I'm seriously considering limiting the varieties to one per box.

This is a summer squash (2 x ronde de nice and 1 x vegetable marrow) and cucumber (HVSL double-yield) box, though you don't see a cucumber in the picture. I know cucumber tends to take over everything but mine did not know it would be sharing a box with summer squash. That marrow leaf in the foreground is bigger than my head, and my head (physically) is pretty big. Yes, there is some weird white stuff on the veins of the ronde de nice leaf in the back, but like a patio farmer I know I choose to look the other way for now.

Okay, so cherries were from Locust Grove Farm but making pie was a nice break from aphid management. Wonder if a sour cherry tree will produce on our roof...

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