Friday, June 12, 2009

Thinning out is so hard to do...

Thinned out my golden beets (above), watermelon radishes, rainbow chard, ronde de nice squash & marrow squash plants. Radish and squash tops in the compost queue for the LES Ecology Center; beet and chard tops destined for tonight's salad.

flickr updated - pencil pod and royal burgundy beans are up and in general, everything is growing. I was astounded at the growth of the black valentine beans and radish plants while I was out of town for a couple days. It's been rainy and cloudy here, but everything seems to be managing just fine. Some plants have evidence of bug damage, so I may give everything a gentle dose of insecticidal soap. I gave my second sowing of lettuce a taste and it seems a touch bitter, so some internet research is in order. The first sowing is already coming again after its first mowdown.

If I can find a moment in this weekend, I'll finish the two bucket SIPs and construction of another EB support structure. We may have a revolving door of guests this coming month so it would be nice not to have the apartment look like a construction site.

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