Sunday, May 31, 2009

Edible Update Speed Round

silver hts genovese basil - in EB and seemingly OK
silver hts rosa bianca eggplant - in EB and seemingly OK, growing
greenscaper tomato - in EB and bottom leaf sets wilting
herbfarm - all OK, thyme starting to yellow at bottom a bit
northsky & northblue blueberries - OK - leaves lost their red tinge
lavender - providing steady harvests of fragrant buds
usb/simpson/prizehead - harvested for the first time this week (thinned out)
cilantro/parsley/chives - good, cilantro thinned
usb/simpson/deer tongue - coming along very nicely
black valentine beans - true leaves coming in
watermelon radishes - true leaves are in and flourishing
danvers carrots - progressing nicely amongst radishes
rainbow chard - OK, a little slow in growing but true leaves coming in
lacinato kale - same as chard
golden beets - thriving - true leaves coming in
ronde de nice summer squash - bursting through ground
vegetable marrow summer squash - still sleeping
italian mix microgreens - sprouted
asian mix microgreens - sprouted
calendula - sprouted
waltham broccoli - sprouted
black krim tomato - sleeping
rainbow cherry tomato - sleeping
sage - sleeping
catnip - sleeping
rainbow mix coleus - sleeping
double-yield cukes - thriving in 4" pot
rainbow chard/lacinato kale - OK in 4" pot
brussel sprouts - OK in cell pack
bridge to paris peppers - doing well in 4" pot
sweet basil - doing well in cell pack


UltraOffie said...

Your quite the farmer. I don't know about your space but fresh peas are fabulous.

Chris said...

Hey Offie - great to hear from you! At the moment I'm relying on the greenmarket to supply my shell and snap peas...though I may try a sowing for some fall snap peas. Not a common thing to do, but not unheard of either. If that doesn't work I'm definitely trying again for next spring!