Friday, May 22, 2009

Guerrilla SIPping?

In my web travels I've seen several video features on guerrilla gardening, so given my present activities it got me thinking about expanding the concept to SIPs and urban food production. What if, say, we left a DIY SIP complete with edible somewhere, with a brief info card about the SIP and the edible? Would someone take it to their home and care for it? Would it remain where it was left (in which case the donator could monitor and care for them)? Would it be vandalized and end up in the waste stream? Would it be successful if one out of every five left opened someone's eyes to the possibility of food production in urban settings? Should we start by leaving them near home gardening sites visible from the street, in the hope the home gardener would take it in?

In my mind the most significant cost of doing this would be the potting mix...everything else can be re-purposed waste (buckets, tubing, etc.). The edible would have to be a no brainer...and I seem to be better off with greens and lettuce than tomatoes.

Let's call it Covert SIP Distribution. The term "guerrilla" in my mind better aligns with causes of deeper significance. Gotta have perspective, folks.

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