Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Unthrifty Nerd

Thanks to Deborah for that title. I set up two of the EarthBox SIPs this morning and planted lacinato kale and rainbow chard in one, and one row of black valentine beans in the other (all from HVSL). Setup was mostly a non-event, though there was a bump in the sowing road when a strong breeze tried to sow the roof with kale seeds (why couldn't it have been the bigger chard seeds?). Thankfully it only took ten minutes to recover the seed, one by one. Yes, I am that crazy. I also had mockingbirds, grackles, mourning doves and parrots either eyeing me with curiosity, or sizing up the new food opportunities. [sigh]

Must...resist...temptation...to succumb...to this. Must...wait out...AeroGarden seedlings...

This SIP setup brought to you by Sleater-Kinney, Edith Piaf and Ornette Coleman.

I'm going to scavenge the neighborhood for some 2l bottles for some herbs I picked up yesterday at the USQ market. Hoping to also get to sowing some more lettuce in the salad boxes. Also in the mental pipeline is a setup like this one and some bucket SIPs for a row of lavender (to prove to myself I am not always an unthrifty nerd).