Thursday, May 21, 2009

Caving In

This past Wednesday I caved to the "siren song" of Silver Heights Farm. Damage = two Genovese Basil and one each of Early Jalapeno, Thai Yellow Chili, Garden Sunshine (sweet pepper) and Rosa Bianca eggplant. There was an aphid issue that I did not discover until unpacking but I seem to have managed eradication for the time being. Yes, organic IS slower, and with more bugs. Destination for these, EarthBox SIPs.

I am going to the market again this Saturday and I beg Ms. Mapleton-Bklyn to keep me honest as I think about my failing tomato plants.


Greenscaper said...

It would be good to have some Neem Oil in your tool kit. I don't have experience with it on outdoor plants like aphids but have used it effectively for indoor plants.

Chris said...

Thanks - I had used the Safer brand insecticidal soap for this one; coincidentally, I just picked up a bottle of neem-based spray.