Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bottle Herb Farm

More soda bottle planters - for thyme, rosemary and oregano. Plan is to let them grow in these for a while, then transplant to SIP-converted clay pots. I had rosemary and thyme indoors this winter in clay pots (drench & drain, both from last summer)...but mistakenly put them out on the balcony and forgot the whole hardening process, and they haven't quite recovered from the shock of fresh air.


mypatiofarm said...

This is seriously inspiring. I am not super DIY in general, but I think I'm going to copy you on this bottle thing. Did you follow urbangreen guy's directions? (I just clicked through a flickr tutorial). do you have a special wood cutting pen?

Chris said...

I can be DIY, but usually I laze-out on things...so I can tell you this is really easy. The hardest thing for me is getting a hold of 2l bottles since we generally don't consume beverages that are sold in them. I'm sure it would be safer (read: no use of physical force with tools having the ability to pierce skin) to use the tools urbangreen recommends in the flickr tutorial; lacking those I used an awl to punch holes and a small swiss army blade to cut the bottles in two. Too impatient to boil water (and how green would that be? ;) so found that really hot tap water dissolves the adhesive on most bottle labels. Until I can get out into civilization to find longer-lasting poly batting for the wick, I nicked some cotton balls from the missus. Oh, and for figuring out where to cut, though urbangreen seems to recommend Swanson chicken broth, I found a can of muir glen tomatoes for the marker and the March 2009 issue of National Geographic placed underneath the bottle works out perfectly. Good luck!