Monday, May 4, 2009


It has been pretty wet here for the past couple of days but I felt like snapping some pictures of our "kids." First up is our crabapple - it is by far the tallest of our additions this year and it's really exciting to think that it is taking well to its home.

Much of the inspiration for our garden came from the book The City Gardener's Handbook, and our selections came primarily from the list of wind-tolerant trees and shrubs. I was warned that crabapples might not take kindly to hot roots, so it remains to be seen how it will react once the warm sun starts baking our roof in the mornings; our roof is shady in the afternoons, so hopefully things will remain cool enough.

You will see that most of our plantings were done before attending the Brooklyn Food Conference, where some repurposed soda bottle planters caught my eye and led me to jot down Inside Urban Green in my notebook. After poring over the wealth of information about sub-irrigation, I am re-thinking my plantings going forward.

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