Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Final Harvest

Our box of kale has produced really well despite a bit of neglect (what can I say, caring for a newborn trumps caring for a garden). The golden beets never really got going - seems these do better on the roof in early spring.

We're going to cut this down and pack up the garden for the year. Final thoughts in next post.


meemsnyc said...

Kale looks good!

Bucolic Bushwick said...

Fall vegetables are so much easier to maintain/neglect than summer stuff. I'm barely paying attention to my pea plants and they're doing fine.

Mary said...

Wow Chris! I hadn't check your blog in a year! Your crops looked delicious.

Zach said...

Hi Chris,
I am thinking about starting my own blog called "The Mapleton Blog." Is the name too close to your blog's name? I am not married to the name...
I live in Mapleton as well.

Chris said...

meemsnyc - thanks!

BB - will be perusing your blog while garden planning for rooftop gardening ideas, including that 2L soda bottle drip irrigation setup.

Mary - thanks...this year I'll probably take it "easy," going with the usual, reliable suspects.

Zach - no problem whatsoever!

Zach said...

Thanks, Chris. I love the photos on your blog, by the way. They're beautiful.

Chris said...

Thanks Zach - when your blog is up and running would love to check it out.

mamamayi said...

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